Wednesday, January 16, 2013


New ride times and groups for NBCC Sunday Ride, commencing 20 Jan 2013

6am - Juniors - The Chinos Group - (no coffee allowed, but chocolate a must on frothy milk)

0600 - 24-26kph The Affogato Group (coffee with a dollop of ice-cream)

0615 - 27-29kph The Macchiato Group (coffee with a drop of milk)

0625 - 30-32kph The Espresso Group (strong coffee)

0630 - 33kph+ The Stretto Group (espresso with less water, rocket fuel)

We need Group Leaders for all groups except for Stretto, this group will be everyman for themselves.

The role of Group Leaders is to maintain group etiquette, i.e. pace is maintained, all mechanical's are supported by at least one other rider or the group, and nobody is left behind.  Riders stay in their group, and if they want to open it up they get their chance on the homeward leg from the second last roundabout.
So if you would like to be a Group Leader please volunteer.

Why the change? We are experiencing "grade creep" where the average pace of groups is rising.  Also some riders are opting to ride in easier groups, only to punish the true-pace grade riders. These latter riders, who are doing the right thing, end up getting dropped and riding solo.  So we have moved away from grade names (A, B, C etc) and choosing names that reflect our social nature. Peer pressure will be used to gang-press riders  grade-creep serial offenders!  They will be fined in coffee also. Make mine an Espresso.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yanchep National Park Challenge Saturday 12th February

Yanchep National Park Challenge Saturday 12th January 2013

The inaugural Yanchep National Park Challenge was conducted as a first time event by new club Northern Beaches Cycling Club.  Despite being an untried and untested Criterium course, it was embraced by the Cycling WA community, with well over a hundred participants and a sizeable crowd of spectators. The natural setting and the club’s own DJ added to the atmosphere.  

The unique, picturesque, closed circuit in the Yanchep National Park offered a tight technical loop with a hill climb and descent every 1.4km. The circuit required constant vigilance for attempted breakaways, and there was no hiding in the peloton as the field began to stretch early in each and every grade. Positioning was also important as the circuit included a tight, final left corner, ahead of a 150 metre straight finish. 

With Graded races from A through to F Grade, the Yanchep National Park Challenge encouraged many to have their first attempt at Criterium style riding and racing.  It turned out to be a baptism of fire, as many elite A grade riders described it as the toughest Criterium course in WA. 

The A grade event, was well supported by many teams, including Satylist Giant, GDT, Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services, and the OCBC Singapore Racing Team.  In a tight finish, Henry Morley (Satylist Giant) took out the challenge ahead of Brendon Meney (GDT) and Craig Cooke (Satylist Giant).  Liz Leyden (Roues Chaudes Cycling Club) took out the A Grade women’s title.

Presentations were well attended immediately after at the adjacent historic Yanchep Inn.

On behalf of Northern Beaches Cycling Club I would like to thank the Cycling WA community, teams and clubs, for wholly embracing our entry into competitive cycling. The support of Midland Cycle Club and Northern Districts Cycling club, in running the event on the day, was of great help.  The early commitment of GDT, Satylist Giant, and Brad Hall training, together with backing by the clubs gave us the confidence that the event would be a success. I am sure to remember a dozen more names of people to thank after this report, but special mention to Joe Cox, Claire Hodges (MCC), Pete Hayward (NDCC), Janet White, Alan Marsh, Andrew Jackson, Simon Proud, Claire Skea, and Toby Hodges for their help and support.

The Northern Beaches Cycling Club is fortunate to have a large group of enthusiastic volunteers who generously committed to a ‘field of dreams’.  We aim for the Yanchep National Park Challenge to become a premier event on the cycling calendar.  We will cap numbers per grade to suit the course layout so get in early and don't miss out!

Chris Howard
Northern Beaches Cycling Club