Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Ride Times

From Sunday 10th of April 2013. the new ride times apply for Sunday club rides departing from Jindalee Medical Centre.

6.30am - Juniors - The Chinos Group 

0630 - 24-26kph The Affogato Group 

0645 - 27-29kph The Macchiato Group 

0655 - 30-32kph The Espresso Group 

0700 - 33kph+ The Stretto Group (open ride)

Apart from the Stretto 'group', all ride together in your group and support each other. At least one person stops to support those with punctures or mechanicals. Ensure new faces do not get dropped or lost and make them welcome. 

You may join an overtaking group.

 If you wish to open up and go faster than your group pace, wait until the group leader says so (usually half-way back between Yanchep and Jindalee). Re-group at Cafe de Carlo to brag about your exploits. Give feedback to committee members to improve our rides and events. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NEW RIDE TIMES from 7 March 2013

New ride times and groups for NBCC Sunday Ride, commencing 10 March 2013

6.15am - Juniors - The Chinos Group 

0615 - 24-26kph The Affogato Group 

0630 - 27-29kph The Macchiato Group 

0640 - 30-32kph The Espresso Group 

0645 - 33kph+ The Stretto Group (open ride)