Monday, August 4, 2014



In a unique partnership with BWA, Northern Beaches Cycling Club will conduct the inaugural RACE version of the Hell of the North. 

That's right, a 130km, Cycling Australia approved, one-day classic race event, complete with race commissaire, lead out vehicles, and finish line judges.  Subject to entries, the planned format is for a handicapped road race from D through to A Grades. The race will commence immediately prior to the traditional Hell of the North Grand Fondo event and covering the same 140km circuit. The race handicapper will determine exact start times, but provisional start time for D grade is 7.50am. There will be a neutral start for each grade for the first 10km (past Indian Ocean Drive), led by pace vehicles.  

Race licences (or 1 or 3 day passes) are required to enter. If you do not provide proof of race licence on the day you will not allowed to race. Registrations will open soon HERE

Get behind this unique event and it will become a yearly event on the Cycling WA calendar.

Volunteers to offer support vehicles would be greatly appreciated from any club or team. $50 renumeration per volunteer.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Goldfields Cyclassic 2014 Kalgoorlie-Menzies-Leonora.

I have one word for the 2104 Goldfields Cyclassic...TOUGH.

I returned from from the 2013 event, absolutely exhausted and elated, committed to a better performance this year. Joined by Richard Stokes, we left home at 4.30am Saturday morning to catch the charter flight with a hundred other cyclists. A 50 minute flight and short bus trip saw us at the Kalgoorlie Recreational Centre, assembling our bikes that had been trucked earlier. Here we met with Greg Pengelly, riding C grade, and representing Major Sponsor, Minara Resources.

The Goldfields Cyclassic, in its 86th year, runs a 2 day handicap format, with lower grades departing before the elite grades. We were greeted with relatively mild weather and sun, but I would have preferred the chill of the previous year as it came with a generous southerly tail-wind.  In 2014 we would contend with headwinds both days.

Utilising my experience from 2013, I ensured I started at the front of the D Grade start, to prevent being separated by an early break. Without the tail-wind, I was not confident that D grade could repeat its 2013 success of getting line honours over the A Grade field. The mild headwind was not too tough, but I felt the lead D grade riders pushed the pace way too early and dropped at least 25 D grade riders very early.  Better to ride a bit slower and keep a field together I thought, but I wasn't prepared to miss the break. We settled into a roll through and I gauged my effort, resting about every 3rd turn to make sure I was there at the end.

The race within a race was for the prize money on offer for line honour sprint points. With a 30 minute head start on us, the E grade riders were likely to take the first sprint points. On the 2nd sprint point I  found myself very well positioned 500m out from a sprint point. I burst out of the saddle and took off, and at 450m I realised I was actually a middle aged recreational rider, with no sprint ability, and shuffled back where I belonged.

At around 60km of the 130km first day, we were reeled in by a big C Grade field trying to find its way past us. About half got past us before the D -pace started to match them and we blended for a massive field. Mid-field, I felt I was being pulled by a road-train, actually able to back off the effort a bit. it must have been about 10-15km working like this, I wanted to ease a bit, thinking there was at least 30 behind me, but there was only one, and once I drifted 5 metres off, that was the end of my day with the lead group.

Soon  the B grade field flew past and I was able to hang on for a kilometre, then later the A graders who I held for 100 metres.  For the rest of the ride I worked with B, C, and D stragglers, and at times alone. Thinking I was 10km from the finish, and desperate for a nature break, I opted to stop.  This decision would see me drop out of my goal, a top 10 D grade spot, as 2 D graders passed me.  Shortly after I got going again, there was the '5km to finish' sign. Bad call on my part.

Arriving in the one-pub town of Menzies 17 minutes behind the winner, we were cheered by a small crowd.  I turned to cheer Richard in, but I don't think he either heard me, or liked me for encouraging him to enter. Greg had faired best of all coming 3mins behind the winner.  I checked into the run-down but welcome Menzies Hotel for a hot shower.  I suspect, due to something I ate, I came down with a nausea for the rest of the trip, that would make it hard to eat and re-fuel, or to socialise. Unable to enjoy the much-anticipated evening feast in the local hall, I retreated to a secluded side of the open fireplace at the Menzies Hotel bar, with the added misery of hearing my beloved Richmond on the TV  getting hammered again.

Joined later by Richard, we watched an impressive fireworks display in the evening.

The next morning, tired, sore and nauseous, I attempted some breakfast, before returning for another hours sleep. My only consolation was the evident aches and pains on everyone for the day 2, 103km race from Menzies to Leonora. With a stiffer head and cross-wind, my goal was to hang onto to the lead group for 50-60km and see how I go.  My relief that the faster D grade riders (from Day 1) had been elevated to C grade was very short-lived, as a bigger group of relegated C grade riders joined us and immediately pushed the pace to drop half D field inside 3km of the start. Knowing I was energy depleted, I refused to roll through, and told them they were going too fast. Soon riders were dropping off the back at regular intervals. I sat on the tail of this lead group for about 40km, with a moderate heart rate, but no muscle strength to pull a turn, for fear of being spat off.

Probably cursed by the others, my front tube exploded, taking the tyre of the rim in the process. The spares vehicle was immediately behind me, but in my delirium I proceeded to change my tyre, rather than simply grab a neutral spare. In that time, Richard's 2nd D group went by. Back on the road I teamed up with a C and D rider, comfortable to work at a slower pace for the remainder of the race. Unfortunately, like a rubber band snapping, I lost all energy at the 53km mark, and could not even pedal slowly. I was left to wait for the Sag wagon, an inglorious end if not for the need to sleep. We picked up stragglers along the way, including a dazed woman with a large gash to chin and knee after crossing wheels with another rider. It was concerning she was left alone by the other rider.

Arriving in town late, I missed the festivities of the Leonora Golden Gift Road (running) race. Both Greg and Richard performed exceptionally well on their 2nd day efforts. Presentations were held for the large variety of prize categories before we headed home on our charter flight.

With 86 years experience, the Goldfields Cyclassic is absolutely seamlessly organised and conducted. The handicapped format over 2 days makes it tougher than than road race I've ever been in as you are either being chased or chasing the entire time.  With 3 grades being represented in top 30 positions on both days, the handicapper could not be faulted. It may sound mad, but I think I'll do it again.

Full results can be found here here

Friday, January 31, 2014

Yanchep National Park Challenge -AMENDED START TIMES & FORMAT

Please take time to read this information, as there has been some changes to the race schedule that may affect previously advertised start times.

Notably, A, B, and C Grade Women have been combined to a single Open Women’s race. Each grade will still be recognized individually on the podium.  The Men’s A Grade event has been brought FORWARD to 11.25am.

6.30 Registrations open.
7.20am Women’s novice event (ungraded) 15 minutes plus 1 lap

7.40am E Grade 15 minutes plus 1 lap

8.00am D Grade men 20 minutes plus 2 laps

8.30am C grade men 30 minutes plus 2 laps

9.10am U15/U13/U11 15 minutes plus 1 lap

9.30am B Grade men 40 minutes plus 2 laps

10.30am Women’s Open Race (inc. A-B-C Graded Women) 25 minutes plus 2 laps

11.25am A Grade Men 45 minutes plus 3 laps

The Yanchep National Park is accessed off Wanneroo Road. For those living south of Joondalup, the quickest route is to follow the Mitchell Freeway to its end, then right (east) along Burns Beach Road to Wanneroo Road.

Your Yanchep National Park Challenge entry fee covers your car (load) entry to the park. You will likely be waved through if your bike is evident. Otherwise the Entry Attendant has a list of entrant’s names. Continue straight and signs will indicate the Event Car-park (near the Yanchep Inn). (There is also ‘lock-in’ car-parking on course, but you need to enter prior to 6.30am and cannot leave until 12.45pm due to racing). Parking for disabled is available behind the Registration tent and is accessed with traffic Marshall direction.

Please bring proof of current race license. Purchased day licenses will be supplied at the Registration tent. Allow some extra time to fit your race transponder.

The Course
The Start and Finish straight is only used in the first and last lap (1456 metres). The circuit laps are 1358 metres long with a climb and descent. We have re-surfaced bends 1 and 3 for even better cornering.

There are 2 toilet blocks (indicated on map). Please supervise children in crossing the course to access these at all times.

Event Village
The Event Village will have food, coffee, bike-related displays, a DJ and entertainment for the kids.  This is a great place to view the race. If you choose to walk the course as a spectator, please keep well off the road surface at all times. Gold coin donations for entertainment are appreciated. Cash only as there is no eftpos.

Neutral Service
Bikeforce Joondalup will provide neutral service adjacent to the pit area and course.

Bush fire alert
In the unlikely event of a fire in the park, a siren will sound and we will follow the direction of Rangers. The likely first evacuation point is towards the Yanchep Inn.

Prize Draw
The Prize draw for a Just Ride It bike will be made during presentations at the conclusion of the final race (@ 12.30 at the Event Village).  You must be present to claim your prize. A non-member of Northern Beaches Cycling Club will draw it from participant’s race numbers. Numbers will continue to be drawn until a winner is present and claims.

The aim is to publish race positions and times ASAP, via the MyLaps website. Please be patient as we are just learning the system.

Photos will be published in the following days via our Facebook group.

Volunteer appreciation
The Yanchep National Challenge has been put together from hundreds of volunteer hours. Take a moment to thank them on-site!

For the STRAVA nuts

 RACE LIST- Day registrations allowed

Category First Name Last Name
A Grade Men Nick Graham-Dawson
A Grade Men Thomas Sandholt Lund
A Grade Men Jonathan bolton
A Grade Men Nicholas Mattock
A Grade Men dane frey
A Grade Men Travis Meyer
A Grade Men Shaun Baxter
A Grade Men Anthony Minchin
A Grade Men Dylan Pierre-Humbert
A Grade Men Andrew Wlliams
A Grade Men Cameron Meyer
A Grade Men Aaron Slavik
A Grade Men blake smith
A Grade Men Brad  Robson
A Grade Men Brendon Meney
A Grade Men Andrew McClurg
A Grade Men Mathew Upton
A Grade Women Rebecca Mackey
A Grade Women Katie Joyce
A Grade Women Shannon Sherwin
A Grade Women Melissa Robinson
A Grade Women Julia Kalotas
B Grade Men marco spada
B Grade Men Ian Mackey
B Grade Men Colin Rose
B Grade Men Graham Holden
B Grade Men Saul Hart
B Grade Men Mark Welford
B Grade Men Craig Guy
B Grade Men Ricky Andrews
B Grade Men Connor Beardsmore
B Grade Men Conor Sherwin
B Grade Men Stephen Mc Neilly
B Grade Men Lewis Purcell
B Grade Men Peter Hammond
B Grade Men Martin Lowell
B Grade Men Tom O'Neill
B Grade Men James Ward
B Grade Men Jayson de Senneville
B Grade Men Stuart Andrews
B Grade Men paul foxwell
B Grade Men brett stapleton
B Grade Men Stephen Milford
B Grade Women Annie Bramley
B Grade Women rachel hippolyte
B Grade Women Emma Molloy
B Grade Women Conchita Brodalka
C Grade Men Kim Halliday
C Grade Men Neil Foster
C Grade Men David van Dordrecht
C Grade Men Callum Smith
C Grade Men Chris Lilley
C Grade Men Zac French
C Grade Men Richard Cook
C Grade Men Tim James
C Grade Men Craig James
C Grade Men Wayne Deany
C Grade Men Brian Saunders
C Grade Men Jayden Waters
C Grade Men Chris Balde
C Grade Men Kevin Washer
C Grade Men Ben Blacklock
C Grade Men James Truscott
C Grade Men Christopher Hargreaves
C Grade Men Ben Johnson
C Grade Women Pamela Main
C Grade Women Heather Connan
D Grade Men melvyn brice
D Grade Men Peter  Brammall
D Grade Men Mark Kingston
D Grade Men Brendan Atkinson
D Grade Men Travis Thorne
D Grade Men John O'Boyle
D Grade Men peter herrewyn
D Grade Men Ian Wee
D Grade Men Jacob Wood
D Grade Men Nicholas Connan
D Grade Men Anthony Thomas
D Grade Men Simon Bell
D Grade Men Chris Howard 
D Grade Men Stuart Marr
D Grade Men Nicky Hennessy
E Grade Open Steve McDonald
E Grade Open Edward Rose
E Grade Open Richard Stokes
E Grade Open Peter Hunt
E Grade Open Diane Humphrey
E Grade Open Ross Dyer
E Grade Open Nigel Keough
Women Ungraded Toni Kerr
Women Ungraded Deborah Engelbrecht
Women Ungraded Riana Rose
Women Ungraded Wilna Kemp
D Grade Men Tomas Hayward
D Grade Men dennis   sellar
D Grade Men Lachlan Connan
E Grade Open Shawn Wright
E Grade Open Laura Hodges
E Grade Open Luke  Howe
E Grade Open Nicolas  Apostolou Garcia
E Grade Open Toby Dew
E Grade Open Abdullah Bayatly
E Grade Open Max Wilson
Kids Race Josh lewis
Kids Race Saxon Adams
Kids Race Bo van Assema
Kids Race James Papadopoff
Kids Race Joshua Howe
Kids Race Matthew Lewis
Kids Race curtis atkinson
Kids Race Ben Vines
Kids Race Hannah Waters
B Grade Women jessica sellar
B Grade Women Jade Haines
C Grade Men kasey smith 

Friday, January 3, 2014



The MyLaps timing system will be introduced at the Yanchep National Park Challenge. Normally a fee is charged for use of the transponders, but riders will use these for free as a trial in our roll-out of new cycling-specific software to compliment the accuracy of MyLaps. PLEASE ALLOW SOME EXTRA TIME TO REGISTER, COLLECT AND ATTACH YOUR TRANSPONDER. An example of results from Mylaps can be found here

Register online for a chance to win a Just Ride It Bike! 

The Yanchep National Park Challenge is described by competitors  as the toughest criterium course in Western Australia. The unique circuit is set in the picturesque natural backdrop of Yanchep National Park.  The closed road circuit, with a climb and descent every kilometre, offers plenty of opportunities for bold breakaways.

Yanchep National Park is located 50km north of Perth city and accessed via the Mitchell Freeway and Wanneroo Road.

In the inaugural 2013 event, a DJ entertained the large crowd who provided great support for all competitors. In 2014 we are bigger and better. We invite you to bring family and friends.  Plenty of shade, displays and fun for the kids is found on the fastest bend of the course. There will be a Bouncy Castle, face-painting and places for kids to safely ride their bikes. For the adults we have bike-related displays, food and real espresso coffee (yep we sacked the last van!). Within walking distance are the attractions of the Park, including a koala enclosure, nature walks, chocolate shop and historic tavern. The course itself has been improved with two corners being re-surfaced just for this event.

Why a 'Challenge'? The format has been designed for every level of cyclist, be it recreational, elite or Masters, to take on their own personal challenge and to push their abilities to their limits. The format will ultimately be determined by demand expressed by online entries by the 14/1/14 (we need to apply and secure total time with the National Parks).

We know most people are use to entering a few days before a race in WA, but we really need early confirmation for a well-run event that truly caters for all. Race entry fees incorporate entry costs to the park. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATIONS are a full $15 cheaper than on-the-day registrations.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. As a reward for your commitment, all ONLINE registrations are entered into a draw to win a bike supplied by Jim Wolfe at Just Ride It.

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS HERE (due to open Monday 6/1/14)

STRAVA map of circuit.

The prize will be drawn at race presentations on the 2/2/14 using rider's race numbers. You must be present and respond to the announcement or the prize will be re-drawn until claimed.

For women, we have included an 'ungraded' event for novice women, who prefer to ride their own ride, at their own pace. Women only, A, B, C graded races, will be provided if there are sufficient entries for a field by the 14/1/14.

For juniors, novice riders can enter the junior events, while elite U17 and U15 riders can enter the open grades.

While 1 day and 3 day licences can be purchased to race, we encourage all to support your local club and become a race member.

There are a range of place-getter prizes (1st -4th) and participation prizes kindly donated by our sponsors.

Displays and Sponsors include

“Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) is an entirely volunteer run charity which provides donated bikes to our partner organisations in southern Africa. In doing so we help break the cycle of poverty, through establishment of sustainable small businesses and provision of transport, which impacts individuals’ lives and those of their families, communities and future generations.  A bike allows someone to travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load. A bike can mean access to education, health care, fresh water, economic opportunity and community.”
Please bring any bikes for donation! 

  • Just Ride It
  • Northshore Tavern
  • Peard Real Estate
  • Bikeforce Joondalup
  • Sufferfest
  • Healthy Life Fitness Centre 
  • Ride With Velosophy
  • Officeworks 
  • Perth Integrated Health 
  • Good Earth Hotel
  • Historical Bike Club of WA
  • Upbeat Stamina and Fitness Drinks
  • The Spin Doctor Kyle Walter
  • Yanchep Personal Training
  • Red Cross Blood Bank
  • DJ Daz Hall
  • Photography/videography Peter Walpole. Lordana Smith (Image Vixen) Don & Jan Kedgley (Mosquito Design and Graphics) Stuart Holden Imagery.   
We would also like to thank our platinum club sponsors Alkimos Beach and ABC Blinds.