Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Northern Beaches Group rides and NEW ALLOCATED speeds

The philosophy  of Northern Beaches Club Sunday club rides has always been to provide sociable and friendly rides, ridden as a group.  We have always prided ourselves on welcoming all riders, and not dropping riders. With this aim in mind, and a recent audit of the speed of groups, the following changes have been made. Average speeds of groups have risen as regular riders have improved. The speeds listed here are a guide, and based on good riding conditions over the Two Rocks route, (43Km distance). As a very rough guide, some regular riders names are listed. The Stretto is for competitive souls who like riding hard, and are prepared to be dropped. Stronger riders, WITHIN each group, may hit the hill climbs, but regroup and support slower riders after each climb.

Group leaders can opt for stronger riders to do most of the lead work, or for an anti-clockwise roll. Learning to roll is a skill in itself, and surging can destroy it. Most new riders, overcompensate and push too hard when it is there turn at the front. This results in the pace gradually over-doing it. 

Some tips. 
When moving to the front of the peloton, you should only be slowly overtaking the left-side column of riders. My own weird approach is to imagine I am towing a road-train, and gradual actions are required to prevent the concertina effect or a jack-knife of the 'trailers' being towed. Gradual up or gradual down to prevent an accident. The pace is called by the rear. 

'Down-One' means ease off the pace JUST A FRACTION (same gear, still roll) this enables someone who has been dropped a few bike lengths to get back on without disrupting the pace too much.

'Down-two' means off a bit than this, but do not sit up.

'Drinks' means ease off as someone may be over 50metres off for some reason. Gradually ease off to a slower pace.

'ALL-ON' called from the rear to indicate the last rider is back on and pace can gradually increase to the group speed. 

 6.45am - Juniors - The Chinos Group 

0645 - 24-29kph The Affogato Group (Derek, Toni, Edward) This group may be split further depending on composition. 

0645 - 30-32kph The Macchiato Group (Neil, Richard, Mark)

0655 - 32-34kph The Espresso Group (John & John, David, James)

06.55 - 34kph+ The Stretto (open ride, all out, prepared to be dropped. Head out just before Espresso)

Apart from the Stretto 'group', all ride together in your group and support each other. At least one person stops to support those with punctures or mechanicals. Ensure new faces do not get dropped or lost and make them welcome. 

You may join an overtaking group.

 If you wish to open up and go faster than your group pace, wait until the group leader says so (usually half-way back between Yanchep and Jindalee). Re-group at Cafe de Carlo to brag about your exploits. Give feedback to committee members to improve our rides and events.