Friday, December 28, 2012

Sunday 30/12/12 Ride

We will have our regular club ride times from Jindalee this week.  Due to the heat and Cafe de Carlo being closed this week, our Cafe stop after the ride will be at the Waterfront Cafe on the Mindarie Marina (adjacent to the Boat pub).  Those coming in cars to the start point may opt to park earlier at the Marina carpark and ride to the Jindalee start point (allow @ 20 mins).  On our our return from Yanchep or Two Rocks, you may opt for the coastal path from Jindalee to Mindarie.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday 23/12/12 club ride.

Meeting point: Jindalee Medical Centre, Marmion Avenue.

New riders are welcome to meet at 6.00am for the following start times:

6.15am friendly slow paced ride to Yanchep or Two Rocks and return
6.15 Youth group ride. Ride organiser: Chris Howard, phone 0421083688

6.30 C pace group Two Rocks

6.40 B pace group Two Rocks

6.45 A pace Two Rocks

All rides return to Cafe de Carlo, Butler.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Congratulations to all who participated in the individual Time Trial today. Richard Langston posted the fastest time 35.49 in windy conditions.  Results are posted under the 'Honours' tab.  Thank you to supporters as well.

We have a new committee which is also posted under Honours.

Thank you to all who nominated for a role for the Yanchep National Park Challenge.  It is now your responsibility to coordinate and ensure delivery of your bit on the day.  Please feedback progress to event coordinator Chris Howard. Please liaise directly with Toby at Cycling WA (9328 3422) regarding event specifications, as Chris knows as much as you with regards to Cycling WA regulations.

Thank you to the following:

Neil Potter, Stuart Marr  Signage coordination, road closure
Andy Otter, Neil Potter Arrange, supply and transportation of hay bales  (see Jaqueline also)
James Porzio, Nghia Hang on the day pre and post event installers of Hay bales, signs.
Tammy McDonald Organise/ supply First Aid to Cycling WA event requirements, notify Joondalup Health Campus of event
Andy Otter supply go at least 8, 2 way radios suitable for event. (3 marshals, 1 first aid, 2 for vehicles, 1 for start/finish line/event coordination, 1 lap counter. )
Joye Monaghan, Neil Foster Line judges, (perhaps organise back up video)
Tim James, timing systems & electronics (not essential but value adds for most of us who won't win! Available at Cycling WA)
MARSHALLING (half event) Helen James, Toni Kerr, Jane Potter, Wilna Kemp, Jaqueline Anthony, Brooke Colton, Stephen Brereton, Michael O'Brien, Riana Rose.
Rowena Scott (+ one other) for registrations, number allocations (numbers available from Cycling WA, or order our own with NBC logo)
Darren Hall,  DJ
Jaqueline Anthony, Richard Stokes, Stuart Marr, Driving Commissaire following races.
Neil Potter Motorcycle lead out.
Brooke Colton arrange for Porsche support vehicles
Weekday support role for any of above because he's retired and has nothing else to do but look bulked-up, toned and fit at 70, Derek the Fox.

All members are encouraged to think how they could value add for this event by finding sponsors, arranging other clubs (cycling and non cycling)  to be involved, including stalls and entertainment. (catering is exclusive to Yanchep INN)



Saturday 15/12/12
8-10am Joye & Hisayo & Chris
10-12pm Tracey & Stephen & Michael
12-2pm Jane & Tammy
2-4pm Brooke & Jaqueline
4-6pm Jaqueline, Neil, Rowland & Chris

Sunday 16/12/12
8-10am Hisayo, Chris & Stuart
10-12pm Toni & Wilna
12-2pm Joye, Riana, Edward
2-4pm Brooke & Jacqueline
4-6pm Jaqueline James, Chris

PAY IT FORWARD support for PIHC at Armadale Grand Fondo 19/5/12
Stuart Marr
Nghia Hang
Richard Stokes
Toni Kerr
Wilna Kemp
Rowena Scott
Brooke Colton
Hisayo Thornton
Joye Monaghan
Michael O'Brien
Stephen Brereton
Andy Otter
Daze Hall
Chris Howard
15 more commitment phobes required.

New kits arrive Australia December 16th. (as advised)

Next Sunday, the President is away so if someone can pick up and install the bike racks at Cafe de Carlo it would be appreciated. (need to be one of the first ones back).  Also a support rider for the friendly group is required.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

President's Report

A wise man once said "It's great to see the growth of the club, but don't forget the regular members".  O.K. so when I say 'wise' I meant Richard Stokes, and when I say 'once' I meant last Sunday, but you get my drift.

The club has gone from strength to strength in 2012. From a social Sunday ride, the club now has regular rides most days, including the Cheeky ride, and, more recently the women's rides from Scarborough. Thanks to members committing to roles in the club, such as commissaires, we've become a full member of Cycling WA and taken tentative steps into competitive racing.  The friendliness of the club is reflected in a surprisingly vibrant Facebook group, that, in itself, has attracted new members. The new logo, funded by Nghia Hang, combined with an inspired choice of kit, has really brought attention to the club. Thanks to ABC Blinds, we were able to provide an affordable Foundation Member package to kick-start the club.

There is truly a remarkable amount of talents in the club, and people ready to put their hands up. Something I've never seen before in other social clubs I've previously been involved with. It really feels like a field of dreams. Some ideas get put out in the club, and someone has got the skill or the network to deliver the goods.

The hardest part of being President of NBC, is getting the mix right. Our members ride for many different reasons. Some enjoy competitive spirit and pushing themselves to their limits, some ride to enjoy the company, some ride to learn skills, some ride for the coffee. Some like the routine of the regular Sunday rides, some want extra variety.  As the club has grown, it is harder to sense the mood of individual club members.  I welcome direct feedback because I can't read minds!

A key focus for 2013 is our first competitive event, the Yanchep National Park Challenge.  Something we will need everyone to pitch in in some way or another.  I have been blown away by recent support from other clubs and teams for NBC's efforts.  There are truly passionate people who simply love the sport and will support any way they can.

Thanks to the spark that is Rowena Scott and her band of merry women, the club can start to address the under-representation of women, both in the club and the sport locally.

Another important focus for myself is a NBC Youth Development Squad for 2013.  Any interested parents willing to assist in this please step forward.

There are so many people I would like to thank for their valuable contribution, but I fear I will inadvertently miss someone so I'll chicken out.  But thank you if you've ever contributed in the running of a ride, supported a group, stopped for a puncture, provided a car pool, sorted out club orders or accounts,  made a new rider welcome, lent the club your time, tools, skills or advice. The club has truly been formed and shaped by its members.

Now, let's get back to riding.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday 2 December Ride and AGM

The Individual Time Trial is back.  All riders welcome, experienced or not. Those new to the club or TT format are asked to come at 6.15am for a briefing at the Jindalee Medical Centre meeting point. We will depart for the Start Point (further north at Santorini Roundabout on Marmion to avoid a set of traffic lights) at 6.40am. Experienced riders are welcome to warm up and meet us at the Start Point but be ready at 6.40 so that names and numbers can be recorded BEFORE the first rider is away. Please use STRAVA if you have it as you can't always rely on the Time-Keeper's Technology! Remember at all times that you are riding on open roads and must obey all road rules. Particular attention must be made to giving way at increasingly busy roundabouts.  Riders will be set off at 30 seconds intervals.  Absolutely NO drafting, and at 5 bike lengths choose a different line as you overtake. It is a safe option for the overtaking rider to call 'RIDER BACK' to indicate you are about to overtake, so that the front rider can choose a safe line on the leftmost side of the lane. On the TT course try to stay to the left of the ample 'emergency' lane white line as much as possible.  Cyclists will be stretched out along Marmion so please consider other road users.

The TT route proceeds north to the main Yanchep Roundabout (for simplicity sake EVERYONE ride on the left side of the wide lane so that car drivers don't experience cyclists both inside and outside of lane) and returns SOuth along Marmion before turing left into Santorini for the final straight.

It is a great buzz as everyone arrives at the finish line, so give it a go regardless of how slow you might think you are.  Youth are welcome to participate but must have an escorting adult to their side or behind.

Following the ride we go to Cafe de Carlo where we will sit inside the cafe for a brief AGM and Yanchep National Park Challenge briefing.  Members and non-members are welcome.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yanchep National Park Challenge

Registrations for the Yanchep National Park Challenge will open mid December, via the Cycling Western Australia website.  Non-members, RIDEADULT members and those with race licences will be able to enter.  There will be onsite catering provided both at the Start/Finish line and at the adjacent Yanchep Inn. Entertainment for families is currently being arranged.   Bikes enter free to the Park.  Consider making a day of it, with shaded parks, walking trails, the lake and koalas.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Bike Ride

For those going to the Santos Great Bike Ride, look for our NBC can't miss it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday 18 November Club Ride

In addition to the regular NBC Club ride this Sunday, Kids and Teens are invited to join our 6.15am Friendly paced ride group. We already have youth aged from 10 to 16 joining this ride, so bring your kids along to have a go.  Ride for as little or as long as you like. Chris Howard will ride with the slowest rider, so if you have a little speedster please join them to ensure they ride safely. Please RSVP on our Facebook group.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday 11th November Ride Plus GREAT PERTH RIDE

This Sunday's ride will depart from Jindalee Medical Centre.
6.15am F(riendly) group <25kmh average.
6.20 am D(erek) group @26kmh.
6.30 C group
6.40 B group
6.45 A open
The ride will travel to Yanchep, turn right and enter Yanchep National Park to try out NBC's proposed criterium course.  Rider's can then determine how many more kilometres they wish to ride. If you do not plan to ride to Yanchep National Park, please do not organise an alternative ride, as we need as many people on this ride as possible, as the criterium's success will depend on members feedback and ultimate support and participation.

Also, please remember to register for the Santos Great Bike Ride If you are entering the 106km event, we also have a team registered "northern beaches cycling (106)" which you can sign up for once registered and paid.

Also look out for weekly informal rides on our Facebook group.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sunday 4/11/12 Ride

This Sunday's ride will be unique. A group ride of C grade pace will make its way from Jindalee medical centre to Barbagello to support our riders in the Kings of Wanneroo. The ride will depart at 6.15am SHARP. If you want to ride slower, it is suggested to depart at 6.00am.  I welcome suggestions for the ride route.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Northern Beaches Cycling Club AGM will be held on the 2/12/12 at Cafe De Carlos immediately following the Sunday Club ride. Nominations are welcome for committee positions: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Nominations and Agenda items must be received no later than Sunday 25/11/12. These may directed to We welcome time to consider and discuss agenda items so that voting at the AGM is well-informed.  The voice of financial members is vital to determining the future direction of a rapidly growing and dynamic club. Please consider a role on the committee or an informal organising or supportive role for at least part of the year ahead.

The ride on December 2 will be an individual Time Trial to Yanchep and return.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday Ride 28/10/12, kit order and training.

Ride times for this Sunday are 

6.15am Friendly pace, (Kelpie- Chris).
6.20 Derek's D group.
6.30am C Group (Kelpie put your paw up please).
6.45am B (group etiquette, stop for mechanicals).
6.45 A group (no prisoners, you can get dropped & take care of yourself).

Following the ride, NBC team kit will be on order.  It may be a while before we re-order as we need a minimum of 10 per item, so consider your needs over the next 12 months, and consider spares. We will order standard red logo jerseys as these sell quickly. Due to lower ratio of female riders we may not have enough of an order for pink, female kit. We do not want to prejudice, so please consider buying for yourself or a loved one.  Please bring correct monies, there are no returns for incorrect sizings, and the order ETA is just prior to Christmas (@18/12/12). Orders will not be received after the 28/10/12 to ensure delivery at this time.

For those interested, there will be a discussion on the direction of the club for the next 1-5 years as we prepare for the NBC AGM.  We will also have the result of other club's vote on full membership of Cycling WA.

Following coffee at Cafe De Carlo, there is an opportunity to do repeat hill climb training, nearby at Quinns. More bearable with company than alone! It will take 30-50 minutes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

NEW ride times

From Sunday 21/10/12 the rides times have changed.
F group 6.15
Derek's group 6.20
C group 6.30
B & A 6.45

Northern Districts Classic

Best of luck to all our members participating the Northern Districts Classic this weekend. Feel free to join us. Meeting point is the Chidlow Tavern.Click here for info on the Northern Districts Classic

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Legacy Week Charity Ride Sunday 9th September

What is Legacy Week?

Legacy Week - Australia’s iconic fundraising campaign since 1942. It is also known for its Badge Day and the iconic badges offered as a token of appreciation for the donation made by the public.

Legacy Week is the annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the families of our deceased Veterans. It is held in towns and cities big and small across Australia and supported by young and old.

The funds raised from Legacy Week help Legacy continue to assist over 100,000 widows and 1,900 children and people with disabilities Australia-wide, with essential services such as, counselling, special housing, medical, advocacy and social support.

Public support will also help Legacy nurture children’s education, by contributing towards their school fees, books, uniforms, and recreational activities to aid their self development and confidence.
There are thousands of Australian Defence Force personnel currently deployed overseas. Legacy stands ready to assist their families should the worst happen.

Donate here

New riders are welcome. Meet at Jindalee Medical Centre, Marmion Avenue at 6.45am
6.50am D group
7.00am C Group
7.15am B Group
7.15am A Group open
Riders choose from Yanchep or Two Rocks before returning to Cafe de Carlo, in Butler.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last chance to place orders for NBC Foundation Kit

The special offer, Foundation membership with NBC closes this Sunday (15/4/12) to meet the supplier's delivery date requirements.  This means, if you want Cycling Australia Membership, insurance and top quality custom kit for $130, don't hesitate another minute, email for the order form.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cycling Australia Membership

Become a founding member of NBC by joining Cycling Australia. follow the link HERE.  Once you have joined for either $77 or $66 (depending on age). you can then order (for a very limed time) a fantastic custom kit (see the jersey and bib nicks below) for just $55. This kit would normally retail for over $280 so get in quick.  The accessories are also available at significant discount thanks to a bulk order and our sponsor's support.  Thanks ABC Blinds & Awnings!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

NBC Kit is ready to order!

Jersey and Bibnicks are supplied in membership fee of $130! 

Rain Jacket $125.  

VEST $75

Knee Warmers $35

Arm Warmers $35 Leg Warmers $45

Cap $20

Gloves $20

Shoe Covers $30

Additional Jerseys
Standard fit $65 Aero $90

Additional Bibnicks $70

Additional Jersey 
Women's cut $65

Additional Bibnicks
Women's fit $70
Additional Bibnicks
Men's fit $70

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New start times, open day ride & membership.

From the 1st of April our start time will be 6.30 for Derek's group and 6.45 for C-A riders. On the 1april there will also be an open day ride for new cyclists. Any roadworthy bike and helmet welcome, and wear what you like. I've invited some Dads from my kids school as a social event. We will ride north for 30 minutes and return at a slow pace. Finish at Cafe De Carlo. So if you have a friend who is curious bring them along Keep an eye on this page as the new kit (complete with membership!) will be on display soon. Orders will be taken soon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ride Details Sunday 25 March

Our regular Sunday ride departs from 6.10 onwards, adjacent to Jindalee Medical Centre, Marmion Avenue Jindalee. 6.10 Friendly introductory ride, your pace, your distance. 6.15 Derek's Two Rocks ride @26kmph.  6.30 C-A grade riders depart.  All rides finish back at Cafe de Carlo, Kingsbridge Ave, Butler.

Also, There is a 100km hills ride departing Langley Park Carpark, Riverside Drive. 5.45am meet for 6.00am departure.  For more info go to our Facebook group.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Be part of FOUNDATION 100 Membership!

We are hoping to secure a MAJOR Sponsor by this Tuesday.  With this we plan to offer a fantastic membership package for the first 100 members. The proposal at this point is 5 levels of membership: 1) social 2)BWA stream for cyclosportif events 3) Cycling Australia Silver and 4) Cycling Australia Gold.  (the latter 2 for levels of competitive cycling with our, and other clubs) 5) affiliate sports e.g. triathletes.

Foundation membership helps the club get the starting funds required to run events and provide facilities. In return for your support, you will get club kit, (choice of women's cut & style, aero-fit, or looser fit) The first 100 kits will have the words 'Foundation Member' included on the Jersey in recognition of your support.  Your membership fee includes insurance (provided by either BWA or Cycling Australia).  We are currently arranging an affordable membership fee structure, where hopefully social membership is around the cost (or less) of the kit alone.

You will also be able to access coaching, and a variety of cycling events arranged for later in the year.  I will have size sample later in the week if you are interested.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunday Rides

Freeway Bike Hike Sunday 18th March
For those doing this ride, either from Mandurah or Currambine, have fun and stay safe!
A group will be leaving the Jindalee start point at 6.30am to ride together to the Currambine start. At the end of the ride, we will re-group, somehow, and ride back together along the coast. Check Facebook as a rally point point will be posted when a convenient landmark is found.

Regular Sunday ride
A smaller group than usual is expected to do the normal Yanchep/Two Rocks run.  Derek will be leaving at 6.15.  Fasters riders may group at 6.30.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Latest News

initial concept- see actual green below

Northern Beaches Cycling Club and Logo were officially endorsed by members on the 4/3/12. These changes have been submitted to the Department of Commerce, Associations section for formal endorsement.

The PCS Lime Green colour Kit was selected for its unique, distinctive and highly visible colours, with its red 'stop sign' logo replicated in early draft design. Although black, red and blue are popular colours on generic and other club kits, we wanted to spot each other on the road and announce our presence. We are currently looking for a primary sponsor. We are hoping to provide kit as part of a Foundation Membership package.

 We will also have female cyclists design the womens' kit.  Recommendations include, womens chamois, short cut nicks and jersey, all black nicks with side logo for modesty and slim look, with no leg grippers. Reflective piping on back.

We may also consider a mountain bike/ casual bike wear option.

Soon we will have NBC business cards to help promote the club to other riders.

Feel free to join us on the Freeway Bike Hike on March 18.  Some riders are planning to ride from 6030 postcode area to Currambine Start. Following the 30km ride, we will ride as a group back up the coastal route.