Intro Rides

You're welcome to join us on our regular rides held on Sundays. Slowest groups head out first so that we arrive around the same time back at our coffee stop at Cafe de Carlo, Kingsbridge Blvd Butler.

6.45am - Juniors - The Chinos Group - (no coffee allowed, but chocolate a must on frothy milk)

06.45am - 24-26kph The Affogato Group (coffee with a dollop of ice-cream)

06.45 - 27-29kph The Macchiato Group (coffee with a drop of milk)

06.55 - 30-32kph The Espresso Group (strong coffee)

07.00- 33kph+ The Stretto Group (espresso with less water, rocket fuel)

We need Group Leaders for all groups except for Stretto, this group will be everyman for themselves.

The role of Group Leaders is to maintain group etiquette, i.e. pace is maintained, all mechanical's are supported by at least one other rider or the group, and nobody is left behind.  Riders stay in their group, and if they want to open it up they get their chance on the homeward leg from the second last roundabout.
So if you would like to be a Group Leader please volunteer.

Why the change? We are experiencing "grade creep" where the average pace of groups is rising.  Also some riders are opting to ride in easier groups, only to punish the true-pace grade riders. These latter riders, who are doing the right thing, end up getting dropped and riding solo.  So we have moved away from grade names (A, B, C etc) and choosing names that reflect our social nature. Peer pressure will be used to gang-press riders  grade-creep serial offenders!  They will be fined in coffee also. Make mine an Espresso.


  1. Hi Chris, is there still a teen support ride at 9.30 am sundays?

    Cheers Mark Papadopoff

  2. I have a teenage boy looking at joining your club, no bike, no experience, can u recommend a starter kit? or is there anyone in your club looking to sell and upgrade. He is 184cm, 73kg and is 14 in August to give you an idea about the size of bike required. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Hi Rebecca, If you are on Facebook, Click on the link here is where our members discuss issues like this and someone may have a loan bike to try before you commit to a big purchase. (we have loan bikes for juniors but none for a boy this tall). He is likely a large frame bike, but specialist bike stores will size him up for you. Bikeforce Joondalup offers discounts to our members. If you knew he was going to commit to cycling you'd aim for a carbon fibre bike, with a minimum 105 group-set (that's shimano or equivalent in other brands). there are some bargains around at this time of year, but be wary of some shops just trying to offload stock, even if it is the wrong size. Factor in the price of accessories if you buy new, such as helmet, spares kit and bag, water bottles & water cages. cleats are another cost to consider. you're welcome to join us for a ride or just pop down for a coffee after to have a chat. I wouldn't be surprised if a member could loan a bike.

  4. Please note the amended times. teens ride from 6.45, I'l be down there by 6.30 to meet and greet.

  5. Hi
    Do you have to be a member to join the intro rides? I'm also a bit of a group riding novice.

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