Thursday, April 18, 2013

With Barista jersey comes great responsibility!

Firstly, the latest order of club kit has arrived (hopefully all of it, I'm heading down to the post office now), including the limited edition Barista jersey sponsored by CafĂ© de Carlo.  This distinct, predominately white, Jersey is only worn by members in the role of ride & group organizers.  They will stop for mechanicals (or ensure another member does if they need to stay with the peloton or support riders new to the club or ride route).  They command respect because of their contribution to the club.  If they give instructions on a ride, listen, or else! Their rider etiquette will be impeccable and they will expect other riders to be considerate of other road users. They will report any rider misbehavior to the NBC committee. The Barista jersey wearer is also the team leader in Cyclosportif events.  To reflect this, Club Barista's will be formally presented with their Jersey following the club ride this Sunday 21/4/13. 

Darker mornings
With many recent bike/car accidents during the gloomy mornings, rider safety is paramount at this time of year,. While most of us have front and backlights, please consider your visibility from the side, where drivers may be approaching intersections or roundabouts. Car drivers are not expecting bike riders and visually only scanning for cars (as wrong as that is, it is the reality). Consider reflective/flashing items on your bike or person to draw attention. Also in the event of an accident make sure you have personal identification on you.
With more rain and subsequent debris washed onto the roads, a reminder that EACH rider MUST carry their own spares tubes/puncture repair kit and have a back up plan (such as a mobile phone).

Priority Ride events.
With so many events in the cycling calendar NBC would like to have some priority events where members are encouraged to enter. Top of the list is the Armadale Grand Fondo, and then the subsequent Cyclosportif events (these are found on the BWA website). 

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