Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Notice of Members Forum

Following the Sunday Club ride on Sunday 21/7/13 we will have a members forum and invite Coordinators for key roles. Please do not organise other rides on this day to ensure a good turn out. The direction of the club will be determined by those who are prepared to commit to these roles. 

 The Objects of Association as stated in the NBC Constitution:
Northern Beaches Cycling Club Inc. aims to;
1) Encourage and support participation in cycling & healthy living, 
2) Provide a fun & challenging environment for a community of cyclists,
3) Provide opportunities for equitable access to cycling in all its forms.
4) Act to address obstacles that result in under-representation sections of the community in accessing cycling.
5) Provide opportunities for local youth and adults to access competitive cycling sports.
5) Optimise the development of cycling talent through coaching, training, equipment and facilities.
6) Represent local cycling interests through liaison with the appropriate authorities to improve conditions for cycling and cyclists.
7) Improve public perception of cycling through media, events, and, personal example of its members.
8) Be a key stakeholder in the development of cycling facilities in the region.

Some evident characteristics of the club that make it distinct in an respect are:
·       Welcoming social, friendly rides for riders of all abilities.
·       We don’t take ourselves too seriously,
·       Facebook community. The strongest I’ve seen of any social club. Has allowed an openness of communication, a brainstorming of ideas, bonds of connection, and chance to access a range of formal and informal rides. It has lead to a growth in member numbers.
·       A strong volunteer base with a broad base of skills that even other clubs comment on.

What we lack:
·       Women and youth are underrepresented in the club.
·       An infrastructure to support competitive cycling
·       Local cycling facilities such as a track and off road training facilities.
·       The resources to conduct a road-racing event.
·       Coaching pathways for members

 My experience with various stakeholders in trying to get dedicated cycling facilities in our area, comes down to the question is ‘How many members do you have?’ & ‘Do we represent the broader demographic?’ . In reality cycling competes with other traditional ball-sports for resources. These clubs have hundreds of members, enabling them to better advocate for their sport. For this reason alone, we need a strong member base.

To support this I believe we need to retain a small committee for overall management, namely: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A small committee is more practical in terms of keeping positions filled.

I propose the role of President be separated into two distinct roles. President (SRC) representing the interests of Serious Recreational Cycling. The primary role is the smooth running of the Sunday club ride and ensuring social outlets.

The second is President (RD) of Racing Development. I believe the roles need to be separated as both social club rides and racing occur at the same time. The Vice-President supports both roles.

Apart from these committee positions I believe there are significant coordinator roles to be filled. The roles I propose include;

Website Manager: the Website is the often the first point of contact, and feedback from new members that ‘at least your website seemed current’ was the reason for them approaching the club. The role of website manager includes extracting articles, reports and photos from members.

Coordinator, Marketing/Sponsorships/Funding: This involves the promotion and positive image of the club in local media, together with scanning for opportunities for funding for the club

Coordinator Event Management: responsible for arranging and delivering of NBC run races, with an initial aim of 4-5 in 2014. Also for NBC run community rides.

Coordinator, Women in Cycling Programs: with an aim of addressing obstacles improving participation in cycling by women.

Coordinator, Junior development/schools programs/talent identification. This could be the President’ (RD) role or work in close conjunction with.

Coordinator: New/novice member support: Ensuring a positive experience for new riders to the club, particularly during rides. A coordinator could ensure a roster of support from existing members. This role could be a role of the President (SRC) or work in close conjunction with them.

I am sure there are other roles, and welcome members input. I think we need an expectation of every member that they at least 4 times a year, support novice/junior riders, and volunteer support twice for NBC run events.

Personally, I would like to focus my efforts in the Racing Development President and Junior Development while assisting and supporting the coordinators of other roles. I am willing to support many novice riders on Sunday club rides, but attending and supporting NBC members in races would become a priority. I am also working with delivering cycle-friendly facilities in the Alkimos Beach development. For this, we need a large and vibrant member base.

Chris Howard  

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