Friday, January 31, 2014

Yanchep National Park Challenge -AMENDED START TIMES & FORMAT

Please take time to read this information, as there has been some changes to the race schedule that may affect previously advertised start times.

Notably, A, B, and C Grade Women have been combined to a single Open Women’s race. Each grade will still be recognized individually on the podium.  The Men’s A Grade event has been brought FORWARD to 11.25am.

6.30 Registrations open.
7.20am Women’s novice event (ungraded) 15 minutes plus 1 lap

7.40am E Grade 15 minutes plus 1 lap

8.00am D Grade men 20 minutes plus 2 laps

8.30am C grade men 30 minutes plus 2 laps

9.10am U15/U13/U11 15 minutes plus 1 lap

9.30am B Grade men 40 minutes plus 2 laps

10.30am Women’s Open Race (inc. A-B-C Graded Women) 25 minutes plus 2 laps

11.25am A Grade Men 45 minutes plus 3 laps

The Yanchep National Park is accessed off Wanneroo Road. For those living south of Joondalup, the quickest route is to follow the Mitchell Freeway to its end, then right (east) along Burns Beach Road to Wanneroo Road.

Your Yanchep National Park Challenge entry fee covers your car (load) entry to the park. You will likely be waved through if your bike is evident. Otherwise the Entry Attendant has a list of entrant’s names. Continue straight and signs will indicate the Event Car-park (near the Yanchep Inn). (There is also ‘lock-in’ car-parking on course, but you need to enter prior to 6.30am and cannot leave until 12.45pm due to racing). Parking for disabled is available behind the Registration tent and is accessed with traffic Marshall direction.

Please bring proof of current race license. Purchased day licenses will be supplied at the Registration tent. Allow some extra time to fit your race transponder.

The Course
The Start and Finish straight is only used in the first and last lap (1456 metres). The circuit laps are 1358 metres long with a climb and descent. We have re-surfaced bends 1 and 3 for even better cornering.

There are 2 toilet blocks (indicated on map). Please supervise children in crossing the course to access these at all times.

Event Village
The Event Village will have food, coffee, bike-related displays, a DJ and entertainment for the kids.  This is a great place to view the race. If you choose to walk the course as a spectator, please keep well off the road surface at all times. Gold coin donations for entertainment are appreciated. Cash only as there is no eftpos.

Neutral Service
Bikeforce Joondalup will provide neutral service adjacent to the pit area and course.

Bush fire alert
In the unlikely event of a fire in the park, a siren will sound and we will follow the direction of Rangers. The likely first evacuation point is towards the Yanchep Inn.

Prize Draw
The Prize draw for a Just Ride It bike will be made during presentations at the conclusion of the final race (@ 12.30 at the Event Village).  You must be present to claim your prize. A non-member of Northern Beaches Cycling Club will draw it from participant’s race numbers. Numbers will continue to be drawn until a winner is present and claims.

The aim is to publish race positions and times ASAP, via the MyLaps website. Please be patient as we are just learning the system.

Photos will be published in the following days via our Facebook group.

Volunteer appreciation
The Yanchep National Challenge has been put together from hundreds of volunteer hours. Take a moment to thank them on-site!

For the STRAVA nuts

 RACE LIST- Day registrations allowed

Category First Name Last Name
A Grade Men Nick Graham-Dawson
A Grade Men Thomas Sandholt Lund
A Grade Men Jonathan bolton
A Grade Men Nicholas Mattock
A Grade Men dane frey
A Grade Men Travis Meyer
A Grade Men Shaun Baxter
A Grade Men Anthony Minchin
A Grade Men Dylan Pierre-Humbert
A Grade Men Andrew Wlliams
A Grade Men Cameron Meyer
A Grade Men Aaron Slavik
A Grade Men blake smith
A Grade Men Brad  Robson
A Grade Men Brendon Meney
A Grade Men Andrew McClurg
A Grade Men Mathew Upton
A Grade Women Rebecca Mackey
A Grade Women Katie Joyce
A Grade Women Shannon Sherwin
A Grade Women Melissa Robinson
A Grade Women Julia Kalotas
B Grade Men marco spada
B Grade Men Ian Mackey
B Grade Men Colin Rose
B Grade Men Graham Holden
B Grade Men Saul Hart
B Grade Men Mark Welford
B Grade Men Craig Guy
B Grade Men Ricky Andrews
B Grade Men Connor Beardsmore
B Grade Men Conor Sherwin
B Grade Men Stephen Mc Neilly
B Grade Men Lewis Purcell
B Grade Men Peter Hammond
B Grade Men Martin Lowell
B Grade Men Tom O'Neill
B Grade Men James Ward
B Grade Men Jayson de Senneville
B Grade Men Stuart Andrews
B Grade Men paul foxwell
B Grade Men brett stapleton
B Grade Men Stephen Milford
B Grade Women Annie Bramley
B Grade Women rachel hippolyte
B Grade Women Emma Molloy
B Grade Women Conchita Brodalka
C Grade Men Kim Halliday
C Grade Men Neil Foster
C Grade Men David van Dordrecht
C Grade Men Callum Smith
C Grade Men Chris Lilley
C Grade Men Zac French
C Grade Men Richard Cook
C Grade Men Tim James
C Grade Men Craig James
C Grade Men Wayne Deany
C Grade Men Brian Saunders
C Grade Men Jayden Waters
C Grade Men Chris Balde
C Grade Men Kevin Washer
C Grade Men Ben Blacklock
C Grade Men James Truscott
C Grade Men Christopher Hargreaves
C Grade Men Ben Johnson
C Grade Women Pamela Main
C Grade Women Heather Connan
D Grade Men melvyn brice
D Grade Men Peter  Brammall
D Grade Men Mark Kingston
D Grade Men Brendan Atkinson
D Grade Men Travis Thorne
D Grade Men John O'Boyle
D Grade Men peter herrewyn
D Grade Men Ian Wee
D Grade Men Jacob Wood
D Grade Men Nicholas Connan
D Grade Men Anthony Thomas
D Grade Men Simon Bell
D Grade Men Chris Howard 
D Grade Men Stuart Marr
D Grade Men Nicky Hennessy
E Grade Open Steve McDonald
E Grade Open Edward Rose
E Grade Open Richard Stokes
E Grade Open Peter Hunt
E Grade Open Diane Humphrey
E Grade Open Ross Dyer
E Grade Open Nigel Keough
Women Ungraded Toni Kerr
Women Ungraded Deborah Engelbrecht
Women Ungraded Riana Rose
Women Ungraded Wilna Kemp
D Grade Men Tomas Hayward
D Grade Men dennis   sellar
D Grade Men Lachlan Connan
E Grade Open Shawn Wright
E Grade Open Laura Hodges
E Grade Open Luke  Howe
E Grade Open Nicolas  Apostolou Garcia
E Grade Open Toby Dew
E Grade Open Abdullah Bayatly
E Grade Open Max Wilson
Kids Race Josh lewis
Kids Race Saxon Adams
Kids Race Bo van Assema
Kids Race James Papadopoff
Kids Race Joshua Howe
Kids Race Matthew Lewis
Kids Race curtis atkinson
Kids Race Ben Vines
Kids Race Hannah Waters
B Grade Women jessica sellar
B Grade Women Jade Haines
C Grade Men kasey smith 

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