Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Latest News

initial concept- see actual green below

Northern Beaches Cycling Club and Logo were officially endorsed by members on the 4/3/12. These changes have been submitted to the Department of Commerce, Associations section for formal endorsement.

The PCS Lime Green colour Kit was selected for its unique, distinctive and highly visible colours, with its red 'stop sign' logo replicated in early draft design. Although black, red and blue are popular colours on generic and other club kits, we wanted to spot each other on the road and announce our presence. We are currently looking for a primary sponsor. We are hoping to provide kit as part of a Foundation Membership package.

 We will also have female cyclists design the womens' kit.  Recommendations include, womens chamois, short cut nicks and jersey, all black nicks with side logo for modesty and slim look, with no leg grippers. Reflective piping on back.

We may also consider a mountain bike/ casual bike wear option.

Soon we will have NBC business cards to help promote the club to other riders.

Feel free to join us on the Freeway Bike Hike on March 18.  Some riders are planning to ride from 6030 postcode area to Currambine Start. Following the 30km ride, we will ride as a group back up the coastal route.

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