Sunday, March 25, 2012

New start times, open day ride & membership.

From the 1st of April our start time will be 6.30 for Derek's group and 6.45 for C-A riders. On the 1april there will also be an open day ride for new cyclists. Any roadworthy bike and helmet welcome, and wear what you like. I've invited some Dads from my kids school as a social event. We will ride north for 30 minutes and return at a slow pace. Finish at Cafe De Carlo. So if you have a friend who is curious bring them along Keep an eye on this page as the new kit (complete with membership!) will be on display soon. Orders will be taken soon

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  1. Hi Chris

    Im Vilma doing the Solo Gibb Challenge this year and was given your number to contact you about your kind offer to help me with fund raising, but I think I may have been given the incorrect number. Just wondering if the offer is still open as I would love some help, please email me on

    cheers Vilma