Tuesday, November 27, 2012

President's Report

A wise man once said "It's great to see the growth of the club, but don't forget the regular members".  O.K. so when I say 'wise' I meant Richard Stokes, and when I say 'once' I meant last Sunday, but you get my drift.

The club has gone from strength to strength in 2012. From a social Sunday ride, the club now has regular rides most days, including the Cheeky ride, and, more recently the women's rides from Scarborough. Thanks to members committing to roles in the club, such as commissaires, we've become a full member of Cycling WA and taken tentative steps into competitive racing.  The friendliness of the club is reflected in a surprisingly vibrant Facebook group, that, in itself, has attracted new members. The new logo, funded by Nghia Hang, combined with an inspired choice of kit, has really brought attention to the club. Thanks to ABC Blinds, we were able to provide an affordable Foundation Member package to kick-start the club.

There is truly a remarkable amount of talents in the club, and people ready to put their hands up. Something I've never seen before in other social clubs I've previously been involved with. It really feels like a field of dreams. Some ideas get put out in the club, and someone has got the skill or the network to deliver the goods.

The hardest part of being President of NBC, is getting the mix right. Our members ride for many different reasons. Some enjoy competitive spirit and pushing themselves to their limits, some ride to enjoy the company, some ride to learn skills, some ride for the coffee. Some like the routine of the regular Sunday rides, some want extra variety.  As the club has grown, it is harder to sense the mood of individual club members.  I welcome direct feedback because I can't read minds!

A key focus for 2013 is our first competitive event, the Yanchep National Park Challenge.  Something we will need everyone to pitch in in some way or another.  I have been blown away by recent support from other clubs and teams for NBC's efforts.  There are truly passionate people who simply love the sport and will support any way they can.

Thanks to the spark that is Rowena Scott and her band of merry women, the club can start to address the under-representation of women, both in the club and the sport locally.

Another important focus for myself is a NBC Youth Development Squad for 2013.  Any interested parents willing to assist in this please step forward.

There are so many people I would like to thank for their valuable contribution, but I fear I will inadvertently miss someone so I'll chicken out.  But thank you if you've ever contributed in the running of a ride, supported a group, stopped for a puncture, provided a car pool, sorted out club orders or accounts,  made a new rider welcome, lent the club your time, tools, skills or advice. The club has truly been formed and shaped by its members.

Now, let's get back to riding.



  1. Hi, my name is Russell and i live in Jindalee and would love to meet you guys for a ride, i ride Jindalee-Yanchep all the time but its allways more fun riding in a group, see you sunday!

  2. Sorry Russell, I missed this reply, (not use to people commenting here) See you Sunday.