Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday 2 December Ride and AGM

The Individual Time Trial is back.  All riders welcome, experienced or not. Those new to the club or TT format are asked to come at 6.15am for a briefing at the Jindalee Medical Centre meeting point. We will depart for the Start Point (further north at Santorini Roundabout on Marmion to avoid a set of traffic lights) at 6.40am. Experienced riders are welcome to warm up and meet us at the Start Point but be ready at 6.40 so that names and numbers can be recorded BEFORE the first rider is away. Please use STRAVA if you have it as you can't always rely on the Time-Keeper's Technology! Remember at all times that you are riding on open roads and must obey all road rules. Particular attention must be made to giving way at increasingly busy roundabouts.  Riders will be set off at 30 seconds intervals.  Absolutely NO drafting, and at 5 bike lengths choose a different line as you overtake. It is a safe option for the overtaking rider to call 'RIDER BACK' to indicate you are about to overtake, so that the front rider can choose a safe line on the leftmost side of the lane. On the TT course try to stay to the left of the ample 'emergency' lane white line as much as possible.  Cyclists will be stretched out along Marmion so please consider other road users.

The TT route proceeds north to the main Yanchep Roundabout (for simplicity sake EVERYONE ride on the left side of the wide lane so that car drivers don't experience cyclists both inside and outside of lane) and returns SOuth along Marmion before turing left into Santorini for the final straight.

It is a great buzz as everyone arrives at the finish line, so give it a go regardless of how slow you might think you are.  Youth are welcome to participate but must have an escorting adult to their side or behind.

Following the ride we go to Cafe de Carlo where we will sit inside the cafe for a brief AGM and Yanchep National Park Challenge briefing.  Members and non-members are welcome.

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